Family Medicine / Direct Primary Care / Same-Day Appointments

Face Time...
Instead of Long Lines

Our approach puts the doctor-patient relationship front and center where it should be. Our practice is designed to give you the time you need with your doctor without feeling rushed and hushed. Leave the conveyor belt behind.

Labs & Medications...
At a Discount

Doctor, is there something wrong with my bill? That's what you will be saying when you see the incredible discounts on our lab and medications. Through the power of negotiated physician pricing, you will feel like a VIP...because you are at Face Value Health DPC!

Concierge Medicine...
For the Rest of Us

Maybe it's when you have an urgent need and you're able to talk to your doctor after hours. Or maybe it's when you are able to have your prescription medication filled with no wait and at an incredibly low your doctor's office. Or just maybe it's when you realize that you are being treated like a real person by professionals who truly care. That's when you will appreciate the concierge medicine difference. And when you see that in many cases, you are getting it for less than what your yearly insurance deductible would cost, you will swear it can't be true...but it is. Experience the Face Value Health DPC difference!

What is Face Value Health DPC?

DPC is short for Direct Primary Care. It has come to mean a low volume, very accessible general medical practice that only accepts cash or credit and does not file insurance or Medicare. “But I have a shiny, glossy, expensive insurance card in my purse or wallet,” you might be asking. Hey, that’s great, because everyone needs insurance for the big expenses, i.e. hospitalizations, major surgery, chemotherapy, etc. However, you don’t need it to get great primary care at great prices and unbeatable access. In fact, we at Face Value Health will argue that insurance, which is great when used as intended for hospitals and specialists, actually restricts your access to primary care. Insurance significantly increases overhead costs by multiplying administrative hassles and paperwork, leading to more staff to handle the billing. As a result, the doctors must see higher volumes and sometimes even way too many patients. That means that you can’t get an appointment when you need it, you have to wait a long time to see the doctor even with your appointment, and to add insult to injury, you have to pay a much higher price for it all. By cutting ties to insurance, Face Value Health DPC can afford to offer you the kind of service you rarely see these days. Learn about our advantages below. I think you'll find that you get a lot more value at Face Value.


Face Time

Your doctor can give you the time you need when you need it. We allow 30 minute appointments (or longer if necessary) and we offer same or next day appointments.

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Members are entitled to unparalleled access to their physician. Our unique practice design allows our physician to provide a cellphone number with 24/7 access.

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Our lab prices are unbeatable. We save you money because we cut out the insurance middle man and negotiate directly with our supplier, LabCorp.

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We can dispense many common generic medications to our patients at very low prices. The time and money that you save will have you wondering why more offices aren't doing it too.

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