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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Face Value Health DPC?

We are the Jackson Metro area's second Direct Primary Care practice (NewCareMD gets first honors) and the first in Ridgeland. The DPC model is based on a direct relationship with you without insurance or government involvement. By adopting a cash-only model, we can keep our practice small, allowing us to provide care that is literally out-of-the-box. Our members will always get same-day or next-day appointments. We can also text, email, or Face-Time. In some cases, we can even meet you at the clinic after hours to take care of certain problems, such as a cut, to help you avoid a long, expensive ER visit. Our name has a two-fold meaning: You get more face time with your doctor and you get outstanding, affordable care all at face value.

  How can I be sure that I am getting QUALITY care?

At Face Value Health, we measure quality care with only one metric: Time Spent With Patient. Our visits are scheduled for 30 minutes or even longer if you need it. The standard insurance model clinic simply doesn't afford their patients that luxury since the high cost of working with insurance forces physicians to herd patients through like cattle to meet the bottom line. You might even be lucky to get 5 to 7 minutes. And here is a news flash: Doctors hate it too and they are burning out in record numbers. At Face Value Health, you can be certain that you are getting quality care. Dr. Sanders is a board-certified family physician with 18 years of experience. He and his staff are eager to talk face-to-face and answer your questions in a calm, unhurried manner.

  Is Face Value Health DPC expensive?

Certain types of care can be very expensive: Cardiac surgery, hospital inpatient care, ER care, chemotherapy, etc. Primary care is not one of them. Unfortunately, today's prepaid insurance plans bundle high cost medical treatments with inexpensive primary care. Because those costs keep increasing, insurance premiums and deductibles keep rising too. Those high deductibles along with the uncertainty of the cost of the visit scare away many patients from seeking primary care earlier.
Whether you have no insurance or a high deductible, you will find Face Value Health very affordable, especially since our lab and in-house medications do NOT have the traditional 500-1000% markups others do.

  Does Face Value Health accept commercial insurance or Medicare?

No. If we did, then we would be unable to provide the level of care we strive to give. We know that for some of you, this fact will be a deal-breaker. However, before you go, start adding up the true cost of your insurance, especially the copays and deductibles. Even if you have Medicare, you may find that the cost of our low monthly membership is on par with what you are paying now since you will owe no copays nor deductibles at Face Value Health. In addition, you will be getting true concierge care for a bargain price.

Do I still need insurance?

Everyone needs insurance to cover catastrophic health events such as a heart attack, cancer, or major accident. However, the choice whether or not to purchase insurance is entirely your decision (with coercion from the IRS of course). While we encourage you to consider your own insurance policy, you don't need one to see us. And you certainly don't need one to get great care at great prices.

  Do I have to commit to a monthly membership to be seen at Face Value Health?

Not necessarily. We have 2 options at Face Value Health: Membership and Non-Member Medical Visits. A membership requires a monthly fee but entitles you to enhanced access for appointments, work-ins, and after-hours coverage. In addition, certain services are free, such as EKG. If you have a condition that needs ongoing management or if you simply want exceptional access to a quality physician, then our membership model is for you.
We realize that not everyone needs all of the bells and whistles that membership offers, so we offer a non-member office visit rate for patients who need an occasional office visit, such as a health physical or a sinus infection. Although some services will have surcharges for nonmembers, such as sticking a vein for blood, we will continue to offer the same great a la carte prices on our lab and medications that we do for all patients of Face Value Health. And here's more good news: If you decide within 30 days of that office visit to become a member, we will give you a 50% discount on your first month's membership.

  What if I decide to cancel my membership?

One size does not fit all, so we understand that your needs may change. We require a 30 day notice of cancellation of your membership contract to avoid any additional monthly charge. However, there are no other cancellation fees, no minimum terms, and no strings attached. We strive to be fair and honest to everyone we meet.

  Will I ever have to pay anything besides my membership fee?

Only in certain instances. We will bill you for our inexpensive in-office medications dispensed to you at your request as well as shipping to your address if requested. We include a wellness panel once yearly free with your membership, but otherwise we bill your account for lab. Pathology fees for tissue biopsy are not included. We charge a nominal fee for procedures to cover our costs. Fortunately, the additional fees are modest. At Face Value Health, you will always be fully informed of the costs before we draw any lab or dispense any medications and we will never proceed without your consent.

  What about X-Rays?

We do NOT offer xrays in our office but we have negotiated great rates with two nearby local imaging centers with our same level of commitment to service and quality. In addition, they offer our patients affordable MRI, CT (Cat scan), ultrasound, and mammograms. During the occasional visit when we both decide an xray is necessary, we can get the xray with minimal wait or travel. We admit that this arrangement is not as convenient as xrays in the office, but we think the other unique services that we do provide will more than offset it.

  Are my records PRIVATE at Face Value Health?

Yes. In fact, I would suggest that your records are far more secure and private with us than with any other medical clinic or hospital. First, we use a highly secure vendor for our electronic medical record that specializes in direct primary care. Our system is designed ONLY for DPC and is not accessible to the prying eyes of insurance companies or the government. According to HIPAA, neither the insurance companies nor the government have a right to your records if you choose to pay entirely for your care outside of the third party payer system. Therefore, we keep your records under tight lock and key. Dr. Sanders and his nurse are the only ones privy to consult your records strictly for the purpose of giving you medical care. We value your privacy as much as we value you as our patient. Since we have a small staff, we can keep knowledge of your care where it should be: Inside the four walls of the clinic and no where else.

  What if Dr. Sanders is out of the office?

If you are a Face Value Health member, then you are part of the family. We will keep all of our members notified via email concerning Dr. Sanders' plans. He enjoys his work and wants to be available, so he will continue to answer your emails, text messages, and phone calls along with providing support to you through his office in the event that he is out.


If you are a small business owner or employer who has struggled to find affordable, accessible healthcare, then direct primary care from Face Value Health may just be for you! You may want to consider offering Face Value Health memberships on behalf of your employees. With our limited volume, same day appointments, and unparalleled access to Dr. Sanders, your employees will get exceptional concierge-level care that will have them back on the job in no time by avoiding the usual long, frustrating waits. Even better, Face Value Health will help keep your employees healthy through its comprehensive, patient-focused approach to healthcare. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so when employees seek care earlier for potentially serious problems, BOTH employee AND employer benefit.
Why don't you first give Face Value Health a try yourself?

  Does Dr. Sanders see pediatric patients?

Dr. Sanders starts seeing children at age 3 and he is capable of treating routine childhood conditions, such as ear infections. Prior to age 3 (and especially infants from birth to age 2), children should receive their primary care from a pediatrician, since Dr. Sanders does not carry or administer common childhood vaccinations. We hope you understand.

  Does Dr. Sanders see patients in the hospital?

Dr. Sanders has hospital privileges at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, MS. He has a wealth of hospital experience admitting and caring for patients there both in private practice and as a hospitalist. However, Dr. Sanders will not be directly caring for his patients in the hospital because of the time it takes away from his outpatient clinic and the difficulty with negotiating hospital call coverage. Instead, the hospitalist service will assume his patients who need inpatient hospital care. Regardless, Dr. Sanders will consider offering a Hospital Advocacy Program at St. Dominic's on a case-by-case basis if there is demand for it. There would be a fee, but it would be manageable. Dr. Sanders would review your records in the Cerner hospital electronic record system, meet with you and your family at the hospital, and communicate with the hospitalists and specialists involved in your care to develop a plan of care.